Sunday, June 24, 2007

Relocated . . .

Well, our house move has happened successfully and we are happily settling into the new home, with lots of help from daughters, a son-in-law and DH's sister, not to mention 3 granddaughters. Thanks to them organising, opening and emptying boxes, heaving furniture and making cups of tea, shepherds pie and sponge cakes we actually have all the rooms basically set up. Also it is mostly tidy (well, I won't mention all the stuff in my workroom yet to be sorted, or DH's study/office, the garage, garden shed . . .). No pix this time, can't figure out how to get one on this pc, in our daughter's household. Hang on in there.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Running stitch

Some years ago I made several of these dodecahedra and hung them up as a mobile in our living room. Tall people were always catching their heads on the lowest one! The stitching is all running stitch. A bit of tension causes the raised points, an effect I really like. Pelmet vilene is used to make the structure, with wadded fabric pieces stitched, beads added, and used to cover the vilene shapes. Then the shapes are oversewn together.

Some fishy work with oilbars . . .

This is the friend of the example of using oilbars to colour fabric mentioned a few posts ago. It was obviously part of my fishy period. It was done using a stencil, and some free machine stitching was done to help the 3D effect

Motionless . . .

. . this heron, until the bows of our boat were inches from it . . . then it flew.

Tagged - ooops!

I can't count, can I, I've done number 6 twice!

Tagged - last two

6. I am fascinated by rooftops and chimneys . . . . . . . especially if they have birds sitting on them. Herring gulls on a roof in Scotland.

7. We like having holidays in self-catering cottages. I don't find cooking that thrilling, but using other people's kitchens and things makes it more interesting for some reason! This was the latest cottage, at Dunnet Head, the most northerly point of Scotland without taking to a boat . . .. . . and this is the view from that conservatory. Some days there were baby bunnies playing around the bushes!