Friday, August 01, 2008

It did rain last night . .

. . . so I can't claim to be living in a desert, (- the water butts are half-full!) but these plants I imagine might be found in one. Actually they are in the greenhouse at Stapehill Abbey, and are such a lovely collection of shapes, line and colour that they had to be included here.

DH is stocking up on water butts, trying to collect all the (free) rainwater he can. It is not just climate change considerations - we are on a water meter. The rain brought out our solitary frog, that lives in the pond, and an army of slugs. A good anti-slug tip from somewhere was to spread orange peel around the plants. An orange a day and it soon mounts up. And it seems to be working. The little flashes of orange look rather interesting around amongst all the green.