Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stitching catch-up . . .

. . .  since January, help.  I have done more stitching than this, but not taken photos evidently.  And in the meantime blogger has updated itself and I'm not quite sure what I'm doing.  That'll teach me to ignore the blog.

So,   first, the latest stitching work for church, an altar frontal for Pentecost, hexagons with flame shapes appliquéd on top, made by Threads of Faith, our church stitching group.
 Second - Journey into Space, family fun day, also at church, one of the craft activities, stitching shapes to felt background and sticking to a folded card.
 Third - a completed bag on my Brilliant Bags  workshop at Sherborne West Country Embroiderers.  Several more of these turned up at the Dorset WCE exhibition at Upton Country Park last weekend,both as exhibits and being bought by visitors!
 Fourth -my Dippy Dolls , another workshop , small creatures made from real scraps and bits of interesting knitting or stitching threads.

 Fifth - the last quartet of Contemporary Quilt Group journal quilts for last year - how out of date is that! - in which buttons had to be included.
This one raided my stash of buttons inherited from my grandmothers, and include several from army uniforms.
 This one used printing and painting with interference paints and a lot of swirly free stitching with some lovely Valdani threads bought at Quilt et TextilKunst in Munich.

 The last two show buttons in a normal place - down the front of a blouse . . .
 ... and a shirt, a scruffy painting one, hence the cut up bits.
. . . and that's it till i take a few more photos!

How do you get tags on with this new setup?