Monday, July 23, 2007

A flourish of flowers . .

. . . to mark my return to regular blogging. This is the last local place we visited before moving, Dunge Valley Gardens, in Derbyshire, not far from Whaley Bridge. Its a small narrow valley, cultivated by its owners over some years, and planted with wonderful rhododendrons and azaleas in particular, with pines and deciduous trees too. It is small but beautiful. (Excellent tea room as well!) So sit back, and enjoy the view.

My meconopsis (himalayan poppies) didn't survive into this season, but we saw some here.

I've still not done enough stitching to photograph, but I am scratching the surface of Sharon B's TAST still. All our systems seem to be working ok now, so I shall catch up eventually.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Help, email addresses needed!
In among the problems we've been having with the computer our email history has been lost, so I no longer have email addresses, or past posts from contacts made via this blog. My address book is lost, and often I just found a recent post and hit reply to mail people. So please, if you friendly reader, think you are one of the people I would not want to lose touch with, please please please email me using the contact link on this blog!!! Mandy, are you there, for instance!

Monday, July 09, 2007

This time it worked! These are some of the last pix of flowers at our old home. My photo collection is in a bit of a muddle at the moment because of the pc problems, but I'm hopeful I'll be back operating normally soon with pix of stitching, including TAST.

Hey, I'm back online! The computer keeps crashing, but we have a new broadband connection up and working. Sort of anyway. I can't get a pic loaded, but will keep trying. The new house is lovely and my workroom is progressing. Jolly computers though, I'm thinking of giving them up and going back to smoke signals or drumming!