Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tried again . . .

. . . to sort the blog out and have arrived at another layout which seems ok now except for the header picture, which is a really odd size and is not really the one I want, just one I was trying out and then haven't been able to change!!! Frustration!!!
  But there have to be some pictures, so how about a nice heart, discovered by DH when he sawed up a bit of wood and placed the 2 bits side by side.

And snow, of course, but last month, not this, heavy but not lasting.

But a visiting thrush found the Bavarian birdhouse good for a bit of shelter.

I have to get back to taking some photos, but it is so grey, wet and cold.  But we are not snowed up and have power and clear roads, so not so much to get down about!