Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It is such a long time . . . .

. . . . . since I put something on this blog .....  time I woke up again!
So here are some pics I find striking, in pattern, composition, line, texture, colour.

Sunrise, looking out of a front window of our house.

Family on the roof, helping sweep the chimney (!) and enjoying the view.

Textures of tree trunks in Kingston Lacy grounds (local National Trust estate) :

Plants in the orangerie in another such place (I've forgotten which!!!), intriguing shapes and line:

And ok, some stitching - a concertina book, each page a square padded piece, fixed together by stitching painted sticks on to the edges.

These two are the backs of the stitching, and they have come out as interesting as the fronts.

More to come.  And I need to start taking more photos again.