Thursday, December 02, 2010

Yes I did paint it . . .

 . . . and here it is, and I think, much better. . . .. . . or does it still look like butterflies?
But this is what the little plants were based on, marigold seedlings in pots. 
The idea in the jq was plants coming up in rows in fields. We tried out a technique at Infinity, our local CQ group, using fused appliqué, including cutting straight strips on the bias and making them curve as you iron them down. It came from a book I can't remember but will post title and link when I can find it out. Pix below of the piece worked on, which I finished and can hang, wow.

 (Should have cropped it and tidied it up) And I now realise I've not taken a photo of the square top left, which has the best curved strips , aargh.  Never mind, here are some others.

 Beaded edges, as in a video on the Kemshalls' Design Matters TV, link in previous post.