Tuesday, December 18, 2007

TAST update

Some pistil stitch and double detached chain. I liked using a second thread for the repeated chain, and they bunch together quite nicely. There are more things to be done with all the recent stitches, but I've only had time for rather sketchy dabs at them. But this is the sort of project that can be returned to whenever time allows. I still have at least a foot of my fabric strip to fill, so I shall have to keep going.

Transfer paints postcard . . .

. . . has come out a bit pale. Now pale is a bit of a change for me. I used the real leaves for the resist, laid a painted sheet of paper over and ironed till some colour transferred to the fabric. It had been used a few times already so there wasn't a great deal of colour left.

More Christmas Postcards

Oh dear, back to the strips, perhaps by next Christmas I'll have thought of something different to do with these rather unforgiving fabrics!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snowbirds, alias . . .

. . . two granddaughters in the local Christmas parade.
The members of their brownie pack all wore sort of gowns made from old sheets with plastic bags cut into strips and stitched on. I helped their mum with making the gowns and she sewed all the strips on. At least one of my four daughters sews now and then! They won a trophy but don't seem to know what exactly it was.
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Friday, December 07, 2007

Please read Dec 7 posts in reverse order.

Scroll down . . . . . . and read the post below first. This is the back of 2 of the pieces pictured below. Interesting.

Then I did some more blending and couching and have made a re-useable cover for a book.
Both sides with the book in - my TAST notebook actually! The whole spread:
And, nothing to do with the above . . .
. . . this card came from Oxfam. What wonderful metal embroidery, done in India.

Using the embellisher . . .

. . . and having a few nervous moments. I bought Dale Rollerson's book Surface Tension and have started working through - left, couching threads, lower right just blending fibres on some black felt, top right misch masch of all sorts which will be a small book cover soon.
I'm experimenting with sending a pic direct to the blog from Picasa 2. Actually, I have some more pix, but can't figure out how to add them here. So there may be another post with them in
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