Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stitched letters and Spring flowers . . .

The letters - the Contemporary Quilt group has asked members to produce versions of all the letters in the group name, in order to create a new banner, any ones and as many as we want.  So I decided on A, made a stencil and painted inside it, then smudged around the cut-out A, then did a cartoon-type one

. . .
 (bit fuzzy this second pic, I hadn't discovered all the settings on the camera until a granddaughter who is excellent at photography showed me when she took the crocus pics following)

 Becca's photos, a lovely spot of colour in the garden.
 Crocuses marching on . . .
 . . . and welcoming the sun.
 The white edging line attracts me here - a stitching idea coming up.  Such a simple thing but striking.
 Ok, more bread, I seem a bit stuck on it at the moment, filling up the freezer.
 We have some window boxes with anemones and tête á tête daffodils.  The former have been slowly budding and flowering for weeks now, through all the storms.  It's a real cheering thing, looking out of the windows at the rain and trees bending in the wind, and these lovely colours and shapes.

 Meanwhile the sea not too far from us is a bit scary . . .

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Miscellaneous catch up . . .

Last grandchild gets her starting school quilt, a year late!!!  It was posted off to Scotland and received with excitement, which was very nice.

Christmas stars.  I like them so have kept them hanging.  They don't look so very Christmassy.

A winter sunrise

Breadmaking.  This one turned out looking like a baby elephant all curled up and sleeping, completely unintentional!  But it was a very tasty wholemeal!

A request from a friend of a friend to have some of my books, so I sent her a bagful to make her choice

(She chose 4 in the end, top right in first and second pics, top left in second and third.)

Anemones in the window boxes, thinking it is spring.  They do look nice, so I hope we don't get icy weather that kills them off.

New hobby craze - jigsaws.  1000 pieces and not very easy.