Saturday, September 02, 2006

And yet another textile technique ...

... as if I hadn't got enough to keep me out of mischief already.
The visit to Eyam included looking round the craft centre there. This includes Woolgathering, a lovely little workshop specialising in feltmaking and yarns and related gadgets.. I found this kit for stickweaving, (not the yarn, that's mine), and was shown how to use them by the friendly proprietor.
And since Wednesday I've made these -

It's a bit addictive.

It's an abstract piece, based on seaside colours, the somewhat unrealistic ones you have in your head, you know, the sky is blue, the sea is green, the sand is yellow etc, etc. The woven strips will be hung on a piece of worn stick found on a beach, and may have beads added, or a shell or two.


Mandy said...

This looks like fun. You certainly have been busy!

Linda said...

Thanks for the links - I'd always wondered how this was done.

katiejayinpa said...

I think the top most two are very beach-y---at least they are the colors that i would choose if i were doing something with an ocean side theme....they are really neat.. i can see you getting into this big time!