Monday, December 18, 2006

Fabric book of stitch samples

A very simple way I made a stitch sample book during City and Guilds some years ago was by making pages, then simply stitching them together down one side, then onto a soft cover that folded over them.

Each stitch type was done on a piece of fabric which was then either sewn to a background piece of roughly appropriate size, or was extended by adding strips. The book was added to over a period of time, and each 'page' was simply sewn to the existing ones when finished. A couple of bits were even sewn in just as they were. I like the rough look of it, its the sort of thing that appeals to me. I can't do neat!


Anonymous said...

What a great fabric book! I was particularly interested since I just finished SharonB's PLS class and did everything with the idea of finishing into a little book. Your pages are so interesting and full of stitches. Thanks for posting.

Di said...

I love the book. I amnew to embroidery (for new read absolute beginner!!). I am hoping to take part in sharonBs 'Take A Stitch Tuesday' challenge and this would be ideal to use for the different stitches. Would you mind if I copied the idea.

barbara ac said...

Thank you both for the kind comments! Of course, anyone is welcome to use this idea, it is not particularly special to me as a structure. And if you use this way to buld a book your choices of fabric, colours, size etc will make it individual to you