Friday, July 18, 2008

WCE felt and faux felt

July meeting, we made felt with Lyn Prosser, a local Dorset textile artist. We did wet felt using the normal method with hot water, olive soap and lots of rubbing and rolling with the help of a rolling pin and bubblewrap. Faux felt is interesting, as no wetting and actual felting is involved. You build up layers of wool tops etc just as you would for wet felting, but on a piece of firm fabric. You can add bits of fabric on top, like sheers, offcuts, ribbons, yarns. Then you lay a piece of that water-soluble stuff you embroider on and wash away - can't think of the name- pin it, tack it. (See pic left centre) Then stitch all over it. Then wash it off under the tap. And, see pic left bottom, you have an interesting, quite solid, piece which can be further stitched into, beads etc added. People used some really nice colour combinations and bits, with good results, yes?
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