Monday, January 19, 2009

Last 2008 journal quilts . . .

. . . for the Contemporary Quilt group challenge. This is for November, though it has no significant link with the month. It is the last theme too from the Infinity group JQs which we have been making bi-monthly - Buildings. Picking up on something I did for some of the 2007 JQs, I found a UFO and made part of it into this.Now this is December, and thereby hangs a tale, nearly of woe. I have this recipe for the most fantastic, succulent Christmas pudding you have ever tasted. And I couldn't find it! Disaster! Put Christmas on hold! Then I thought of asking a daughter to whom I'd given it 2 years ago. She had it still pinned up in her kitchen! A very narrow escape. So then the idea came to me - put it on the journal quilt, then at least I'd know where it was. So here we are. If you can read it you can try it out, with the compliments of my family. It is done with free machine stitching and felt tip pen, the last, and rather hasty, of my trying out different ways of colouring fabrics on the JQs this year.

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