Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why can I not manage regular blog postings?

Because I can't get my photos sorted out, that's why.  I don't want to post without pictures.  And I don't manage to keep up to date with taking photos of recent work and uploading them to the pc.  Then there is the problem of finding them in the files.  Sometimes the most recent are not where I expect and that frustrates me and I haven't time to hunt, and if this is going to take ages there is something else I need to be doing . . . . and so on.  What a tale of woe!  All rubbish really.

There's a lot of work stacking up to be photographed.  I will get to it any minute now.  I will!  But we just have to have lunch . . . . .

But thanks to 2 blogging friends i have cracked and implemented the new way of posting photos - much better than the old system, so that is a plus.

Well, here's a scary pic to be going on with - an Egyptian pharaoh.  We had a family day at our church the other Saturday, with craft activities, painting, model making, drumming, singing etc, and this guy emerged.  He's huge!  Some of us detected a resemblance to a certain top politician ????

This is one of my efforts, big drawings for people to paint - the Israelites crossing the Red Sea escaping from slavery in Egypt.  See the book of Exodus.  The purple mountains are the promised land.

My job this time was making paper - nearest thing to papyrus - and here are the sheets, sandwiched in J cloths, drying on my airer.

Then the next week we had  Haiti Day, with a cafe doing coffees, lunches, cream teas in aid of the relief fund - here are some of the goodies - home made cakes and the most delicious lemon pudding you have ever tasted!

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