Thursday, February 03, 2011

Now to make up for lost time . . .

. . . post a pic or two . .
. . . of a quick visit to Munich via Heathrow just before Christmas to visit DD3 and some Christmas markets, for which Germany is famous.

 Sun going down over southern England ... and beyond.
 Willkommen in Bayern . . . with a speciality or two.
 The view out the back.  Why the view of this field beyond the garden fence to the Stadtbahn rails by the line of trees fascinated me I don't know, but I had to keep looking at it!
 Visit to the Christkindlmarkt in Regensburg - angels in the arty section . . .
 . . .  nice blue house, one of the oldest in town . . .
 . . . a bit of snow . . . and more nice coloured houses . . .
 . . . a bit of Glühwein . .
 . . .  off to the oldest Wurst restaurant in the world, by the Danube, which was looking a bit generous . . .
 . . . and on the way home, a queue on the motorway.  I know its blurred, but its an interesting image! Try clicking on it.
 Next day, into central Munich, and the Viktualienmarkt for fabulous piles of food . . .

 It was a rather chilli day, minus about 5 degrees.
 Down in the Ubahn, lovely curved roof.
 Waiting for the train to the airport, orderly graffitti.
 And auf Wiedersehen snowy Munich.
 And hallo London, with the Thames looping away and the millenium dome visible in the first curve.
 Back home, now to try out these lovely Valdani quilting threads bought in the quilt shop I found right in the centre, behind the Stadmuseum - Quilt und Textilkunst.  They had a small Quilt Art exhibit there, some of the pieces that had been at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham back in August, and a lovely stock of fabrics.  Pity the euro was so high!

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Mandy said...

What an amazing shop. It seems huge compared to the quilt shops I have visited round here.
The threads look gorgeous. Have fun using them.