Sunday, September 02, 2012

Some summer stitching bits . . .

Some fresh (for me, anyway) ideas for postcards, for a workshop coming up next week.

Landscapes from scraps - pinned, looked at with a window, waiting for some stitching.
We had a very inspiring speaker at the West Country Embroiderers Dorset Day back along, among other things showing beading embroideries.  I've eventually got round to doing some small bits.

And the ancient hexagon quilt is being finished.  I had to square off a large, roughly circular section and extend it.  Just have about 5 rows to add now, then it must have a border added, then all the rest - wadding, backing, quilting . . .  But I love hexagons!

Granddaughter Hannah came home to us after her last day of the summer term and wanted to make something for her mum - so here's a lovely little bookwrap, all stitched by her on my machine, plus a handmade book inside it.

And the rest of the beady bits!

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