Friday, February 08, 2013

A collection of book covers . . .

. . .  paper, recycled / crumpled up brown, painted, printed on . . .
. . .oil pastel resist + wash over / crumpled, painted, printed with party popper, coffee cup (both ends), wine cork, foam square stuck on pencil end  . . . .
Stitched squares, cut up and restitched till small / painted, stamped on, ironed on to interfacing and machine stitched.
Free machining over scraps + sheer overlay.
Hand-stitched bits collaged and embellished.
Some careful running stitch patches / machined down scraps.
Nice lines of hand embroidery on strip patchwork /  painted paper collage machine stitched.
More fabric collage / brown paper + machine stitched lines in various threads.
Raw-edge pieced silk strips + satin stitch grid / running stitched hand-dye + buttons and suffolk puffs.
Pity the photos have come out with that blue tinge.

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