Monday, May 20, 2013

Feeling nervous . . .

. . . about trying to do things with this new layout. The answer is, have a go.  So, first, the inevitable books . . .
 . . . the most important things in the world at the moment, I am told by the grandchildren, are BOOTS.
 And the West Country Embroiderers in April, with Karen Head, was making a piece of felt with threads and bits decorating it, the secret of how to stop them falling off!  I couldn't stay all day, because of the boot wearers visiting, so went back lunchtime and made a bit with them (and forgot to take a photo!)
 Later I made another at home with a bit more stuff on it.
 Closeups of the two pieces, showing the threads better.

 A day out took us to West Bay and the famous Broadchurch cliff (did you see the crime serial on tv?)
 I love the pebbles, tiny little ones at this end of Chesil Beach.
 Lastly, the first four Contemporary Quilt Group journal quilts.  This year we have to have picked a theme and must stick with it for the year.  Mine is patterns from world alphabets.  First I introduce myself, using letters from the Touareg  orthography plus printed 'translation'.
 Then a rotation of a Gujurat letter
 Then repeats of a Tamil letter
 And a Tibetan rotation on indigo dyed fabric.
The letters are cut out of printed and painted sheets from an old CQ newsletter and are handstitched in place on background fabrics suited to the origin of each letter.
Phew.  Now let's see if it publishes properly.

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