Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Miscellaneous catch up . . .

Last grandchild gets her starting school quilt, a year late!!!  It was posted off to Scotland and received with excitement, which was very nice.

Christmas stars.  I like them so have kept them hanging.  They don't look so very Christmassy.

A winter sunrise

Breadmaking.  This one turned out looking like a baby elephant all curled up and sleeping, completely unintentional!  But it was a very tasty wholemeal!

A request from a friend of a friend to have some of my books, so I sent her a bagful to make her choice

(She chose 4 in the end, top right in first and second pics, top left in second and third.)

Anemones in the window boxes, thinking it is spring.  They do look nice, so I hope we don't get icy weather that kills them off.

New hobby craze - jigsaws.  1000 pieces and not very easy.

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Josie said...

A starting school quilt, what a gorgeous idea. It is simply stunning and I bet in time it will be carefully packed to go off to college or university with its owner!