Sunday, September 28, 2014

Made for Infinity . . .

. . . a contemporary quilting group I belong to, a project making use of a list of ideas/topics :  dwellings, household objects, photo transfer, lutrador, thread painting, alphabets.  Some of them got a bit mixed up in mine.  Anyway, finished at last, so am posting the pics.
The pages are 6" square, double sided, (though the back is just what came through from the front, but it was given a bit of thought!)

 They are joined by stitching a bit of painted kebab stick onto two pages.  It helps them stand up.  Some pages are quite limp but the ones with photo transfer and lutrador are stiffer.
 Mix of hand stitching and machine.
 Photo transfer of tulips from last spring, and a leaf held down on painted lutrador square by organza.
 Free machine drawn flower and newspaper photo transferred with lutrador Tamil letter stuck on.
 I made the first page into a cover by adding a spine. A pocket on the back holds a piece of card to stiffen it.
 This and the next pair - just the stitching from the front showing on the painted fabric.
 The back stitching looks good on these two I think.
 Some more letters, in a font called 'Africa'.  The words, from Ugandan languages,  mean 'joy' and 'life' (Lugbara) and 'hope' (Luganda).
 A leaf from our grapevine on lutrador and painted bondaweb with echo stitching and plastic fruit bag stuff over.  And next to it the cover is folded round .

 The book folded up.  The cover goes round the back! Couldn't get my head round the direction, it is like getting left and right swapped!
 The front, but it is going backwards.
The sticks are more visible here.

At the moment I am seized by a driving urge to get things finished off, and the last few weeks have seen several pieces of work sorted.

Now I need to be seized by an urge to keep this poor old blog up to date.  Oh dear.

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