Friday, February 10, 2017

Visit to Dundee

. . .  but first a shot of a lovely Christmas cactus that is still flowering when I started writing this post.  I get fascinated by the shapes, of the flowers and the trails of connected leaf sections.  Need to do some drawing.
This is the River Tay and the bridge trains come over into the city.  The station is on the near side just a bit to the left of the photo
[I've not done a post for ages, and have forgotten the method, and am finding it very difficult!  How do you get pics where you  want them, and how do you start writing where you want?  I try what seems obvious, but it doesn't work!]

There is a high point in the city, the Law, which you can drive or walk up to enjoy a marvellous view over the city and along the Tay in both directions.

Time for some stitching - some of the latest work of our church stitching group, Threads of Faith, an altar frontal for the 'green' part of the  Church of England calendar.  We went out into the church grounds, collected leaves, then used them as patterns, cut from fabric and stitched them on painted strips.  I did have these 2 pics in the other order but for some reason the blog changed them round and won't let me change them back!  Frustrating.  There must be a simple answer.

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Barbara Cheeseman said...

When this pos came up published the last 2 photos were in the right order! Why didn't they go into that order when i was writing it????