Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Stitches are Clever but Flowers are Cleverer

I've still not mastered the art of arranging photos in the order I want, but there is nearly a nice colour gradation here with this series of pics from our garden at the moment.
Last year we had nasturtiums everywhere, unbelievable variations of yellow, orange and red. The only snag was they strangled other plants we wanted alive!
Day lilies come in similar colour variations. I think I'll have to collect a few more.
And we do have the common, light orange version of this crocosmia but they aren't out yet

This one should have come at the end of my sequence, introducing a bit more blue to the pink and magenta.

I just can't believe the intensity of colour in petunias sometimes.

Look at the enlarged version of this rosebay willow herb. Its so beautiful. Why is this a weed? We let a whole bank of it grow every year, down next to the canal. Makes a change for it from waste ground. (Now no rude remarks about our garden please!)

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Helen said...

Seeing the rosebay willow herb brings back memories for me.I never knew what it was called as a kid. I spent my first 13 years in Tunbridge Wells down in Kent. Remember also the bluebells (and white and pink ones), primroses,heather and many others. All I've managed to grow over here in OZ is stinging nettles and goldenrod.LOL
Love it here (been here 37 years now)but still get a little bit nostalgic for all the historical places to visit though.