Saturday, August 05, 2006

We're Taking the High Road . . .

Time for a quick note before we go off early tomorrow for a week in Scotland, just south of Inverness. Its a Grand Family Gathering, in a big house, near Loch Ness. 4 daughters and husbands/partners/children (6), and sister-in-law, DH and me. The first time all the cousins have met since 2 of them were babies. They are all very excited. I hope they won't behave like monsters, or we won't need to go looking for the one in the Loch! Won't get much stitching done, though I can't go away without some.

This pic is the top strip, pictured unstitched on a previous post. It is up and down buttonhole with 2 bullions. I do like the way you can cover the ground and make it all spikey by varying the direction to the next stitch. There is also some feather stitch, and some alternating barred chain.
Back in a week, och aye the noo, which I am told no one actually says in Scotland.

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katiejayinpa said...

Have fun Barb. I look forward to reading the blog entry about your trip! I like the seam you did!