Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Loose ends . . .

Why am I always dabbling with bits and pieces, try this, try that? There are too many beguiling creative techniques and ideas out there. And here are three.
1. Sunprints in winter - I have heard you don't need lots of light for this, so thought I'd try .

Plain cotton fabric, painted with green and blue acrylic, dried, then overpainted with dark grey silk paint. While wet I laid on it torn strips of paper and shapes cut using those gadgets that punch holes , sprinkled some salt grains in between, and left it to dry on my worktable. Gloomy day, light on in the room.
The painting didn't work so well. I wanted the colours underneath to show more in the shapes. But the shapes show up.
2. Abstract work - thought I'd try an abstract approach to autumn, leaf colours printed in non-leaf shapes. I'll stitch some leaf shapes over them. Why blues in the background? I think it is echoes of the summer that preceded the autumn. Work in progress anyway.
3. Insertion stitches - article by Beryl Taylor in one of the latest 2 Quilting Arts mags, lent by a friend. Wanted to try them out. And the strips between were begging to be filled up with couching - just lacing and whipping running and back stitches with various threads.

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Susan said...

I like the top one best. It almost seems like a sidewalk chalk picture that ran in the rain. =)