Friday, March 30, 2007

Garden and canal catchup . . .

. . . with some celandines - amazing colour, and they grow so neatly somehow. We have little cushions of them all over the garden.
And on the canal at the bottom of the garden, some swans, maybe a pair we aren't sure.
They may not stay. At the moment the canal is quite clear (by canal standards!) because there have been very few boats lately. Now there are more passing and the silt is getting churned up again. Here's the reason for that -

Just up the canal from our house a retaining wall below some houses fell in and in order to have access for machinery the canal was filled in and a 'road' built across it. So of course it was closed to boats and nowhere for them to go. The white bars on the left are the new wall and the canal has just now been cleared and opened again.

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Mandy said...

Lovely to see that the Blog is back up and working again. The photos are really clear. Is that the narrows by the BWB yard?