Monday, April 09, 2007

TAST miscellany -

- knotted cretan, which does make nice twiggy sprays. But isn't it close to feather stitch? I think it was the latter I was stitching some of the time!
- some couching, trying various stitches over the laid threads. Fly stitch across 2 laid threads is interesting. Also, vertically on the right, over the yellow thread I tried it with bonnet stitch. So long as the height of the stitch is right and the pass under is above the laid thread and the 'chain'-forming stitch below, it works well, with an interesting edge formed by the chain-like part of the stitch. Also used it to fill a space.
- barred chain, used it to fill spaces.
- I used a brown range of threads for a change, including wools.

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