Friday, February 01, 2008

On the heath . . .

. . . just up the road. Upton heath is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Poole harbour can just be seen in the distance to the right.
There's a small part looks like this, heath fires are common round this area, and there are houses just the other side of the path I took this from. On the other side of the heathland is a landfill site! A bit smelly when we were there yesterday! But it has recently been covered over and smoothed down as if it is to be landscaped or something.

Maybe after they have drilled for oil????? Don't know what this is, sitting on the top of the mound! There is a small oilfield under the harbour, being drilled inconspicuously in a couple of places, so that is not so far-fetched!
But you can forget about the landfill, oilwells and houses when walking along a path like this, flanked by birches,
the emerging brilliant yellow of gorse,and the rust of crushed bracken.

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Things Hand Made said...

The tangle of branches reminded me of the tangle of feather stitch.