Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where's the stitching then?

West Country Embroiderers this month had a workshop with Becca Belazs using Stewart Gill Galactica paints - well glitter really in a glue base that dries clear - and stencils on velvet.

We all had a lot of fun trying out different coloured glitter. It is made to a special formula and is quite amazing stuff. Costs a lot though, I couldn't afford to buy any, and however would you choose, from a dozen at least different hues, if you only bought one?

These 2 quilts ( 2' square and 2'x about 4') are what has been keeping me busy lately. I've made them for an exhibition being held at our church in March on the theme of third world problems, trade justice, helping etc. I haven't made 'message' quilts before, but got interested in the idea of hands, and all the prepositions that can be added to the word - hand over, hand out, hand back, hand round, a hand up, a hand with etc etc. So one uses an African fabric and stitched eyelets as found on Nigerian traditional robes, and the other recycles bits of indian fabric using a kantha-type running stitch.

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Linda said...

How exciting - I won some Stewart Gill 'minis' recently and one of them is a copper Galactica. I hadn't realised how good it looks. thanks for posting.
I like the hands theme - I can see this being interpreted in mnay different ways.