Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Reviewing . . .

Linda at Occasional Jottings was reviewing the other day how she is getting on with her alternative to new year resolutions, it makes interesting reading - go and have a look at March 27th.
My own goal of blogging more regularly has not been met. Although starting well in January I have slipped back into leaving it for a week or more then putting lots of posts up at once. Must try harder.
It often is to do with pictures. Because this is a blog where I want the pictures to say as much as the words (probably more, most times!) I find I'm short of pix because I forget to keep up with taking them. Then I don't do much stitching for a bit so have no fresh work to show. Then the flowers and scenery pix outnumber the work pix . . . and so it goes on. Well, perhaps I should get out more, not take it all too seriously, this blog is not a masterpiece for all time after all! (Now there's a goal and a half!)

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