Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Journal quilts again - April

This year's JQs are 12" x 12", bigger than last year's A4 size, and I'm finding it a nice shape to design for. I'm having to combine my jq's this year so far with work for other things, and this one serves 3 purposes. Another exhibition at our church is on currently, Stones and the Sea, and this fits the bill. The local Contemporary Quilt Group manifestation, Infinity, is doing a jq bimonthly, and this is Beachcombing. (I started thinking about hair combs and the lines in your hair as the comb passes through it!). And of course the national CQ challenge of one 12x12 jq a month, for which this is April's entry.The shells are attached by hand-stitching a small piece of net over them. Practically all the rest is machined, the 'combing' lines with twin needles.

... and more wildlife - the damselfly on the lower leaf with the limey green leaf behind it. It's easier to see bigger, sorry! There's a shadow of it on the darker leaf below it.


LauraJ said...

Your seaside quilt is tranquil and clever and beautiful (and you're supposed to pull off one a month! Whew.)but I really loved the damselfly picture. Thanks for suggesting the enlargement.

Laurence said...

Very nice journal quilt

crazyQstitcher said...

Your seascape is gorgeous and the combing perfect Wish it were on my wall.