Friday, May 02, 2008

Scotland - the southern coast of Fife

We've been on holiday in Scotland again, this time by the sea. Windswept beaches, tiny picturesque harbours from which the herring boats once set sail. St Monans has these waterfront houses, just begging the tourist, digital camera in hand, 'Please take my picture'.
Some locals were a bit suspicious.
There was no one about, it was cold and rain threatened. But the shapes and colours of the houses are lovely.
Funny how the tide is nearly always out when we go places. The fishing boats look like toys.
An ancient church in St Monans, looks like a pile of children's bricks.
It's all crab and lobster fishing here now.
Our last evening, had to catch the sunset.
Over the Forth road bridge . . . . . . with the rail bridge alongside.

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