Wednesday, September 10, 2008

West Country Embroiderers, September

This month Ruby Lever came and showed us how to make a mirror hanging. It involved making a sandwich of fabric and felt, free machining all over it, then embellishing with beads etc three small squares, the areas to be cut out for the hanging. I don't have a picture of a finished one yet, but hopefully soon there will be some. Like the pincushions (see below). One by one they appear.
At the Dorset WCE groups exhibition last month there was an 8" cushion challenge, with the winner chosen by popular vote. This was it, done by Anne Barlow from our group! This sort of 'casual canvaswork' was another of the group workshops, led by our current leader Pat Jeram, who made this:
I've a feeling this one needs rotating, oops. It's another lovely example of the pincushion plus needlecase Beppy Berlin taught us at WCE.

We don't get a lot done on the day usually, though most of us beaver away and manage to talk at the same time. It is just a slow process, stitching, that can't be hurried usually.

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