Thursday, September 11, 2008

New JQ's and mirror hanging

The pix and details of the next four of the Contemporary Quilt group Journal Quilt challenge for this year have now been sent off. This is September's, painted outlines of leaves from a tulip tree at Stapehill Abbey (see earlier posts), so will wait for the next batch . . . . . . . but these two are July and August. This one has prints made using eucalyptus leaves, also from Stapehil, and the surrounding strips are fabrics from a swap with an Australian quilter.
Infinity, the small CQ group that meets locally has been having its own challenge and this next jq is doing double duty, featuring in both challenges. For the Infinity one we pick ideas out of a hat - this is Bicycles. Oddly, while in the middle of making it I went to watch a bit of the Olympics coverage and cycling was on. All those wheels, with black solid bits over the spokes! I really didn't see them till after starting the jq! Must have had the image in my subconscious somewhere. There is monoprinting on a dyed background, black felt, and free machine quilting.
. . . and here's my effort from WCE last Monday, plus some more work on it this morning. You can see it is a mirror in the centre one! Now I have to couch cord round the centre holes, stick all the bits together and put more cord round the edges. Oh, and musn't forget to attach a hanging cord before sticking the back on. There will be another pic in due course.

Ruby Lever I have discovered did these in a workshop in March 2003 for Workshop on the Web, the online embroidery website run by Maggie Grey. The actual workshop is only available for anyone who was subscribing to it then but the link is to the homepage (hopefully!).


Mandy said...

These look wonderful Barbara. The bicycle piece is really special.
I found the different techniques you used for the two pieces using leaves very interesting. There is so much detail.
Thansks for sharing these.

Margaret S said...

love the work you are doing at the moment Barbara, so glad you found groups that have allowed you to continue your creativity. X Mgt