Friday, September 10, 2010


Time for some more sewing - Japanese bag, from Kumiko Sudi's book Omiyage.  Various views, 36 strips had to be sewn together, gathered at the base, and lining and casings added. 
This is one bought as a kit at the Festival of Quilts, from a stand called the Gourmet Quilter - everything packaged in appetising looking ways!  This isn't the actual kit, I just used it as a pattern for my own fabrics.  It has proved very popular and 2 granddaughters have now made one each and their mum has made about 3 or 4 by now!  I've done a second one without the little tag things.

And I can't resist posting this, a fuchsia with giant flowers!

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Mandy said...

Tha bags are lovely. Thanks for giving the name of one of the books. I bought myself a couple of Japanese books at the Northern Quilt Show. The instructions are so clear. I shall look out for this one.