Monday, September 06, 2010

Flowery fancies.

Abbotsbury main street, from my post on the door at the West Coutnry Embroiderers Dorset Groups Exhibition, in August.  Bit wet at the start of the day,but it cheered up around midday and a sunny afternoon brought in a few more tourists in the street and visitors to the hall.
Various groups did communal pieces.  Ours in the Poole group was making the centres of the flowers.  Committee members cut out the petals and assembled the flower bed.  No two centres are alike. It's amazing how these things turn out!

The butterflies had been made at a workshop several months ago.
My effort is in the bottom left corner.  I filled the circle with a dense chainstitch spiral in various odds and ends of colours.
At Witchampton, another small Dorset village, there was a flower festival a week ago in the church, on the theme of Creation.

These are such a gorgeous rich colour.
And children made this banner.

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Mandy said...

What an enchanting banner. Thanks for sharing the photos.