Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Books again - exploring covers

Looking for something a bit different from the painted and printed papers I've mostly been using for covers, folded over padded card and stuck down.  I'm interested in stitching on fabric, here filling the space with lines of running, back, chain stitches and whipping or lacing them, then patching in couched cords or extra stem or herringbone lines to fill any gaps.  The stitching is done here on a sort of muslin plus wadding, and i've laced the pieces over the card.  Now why didn't I take a photo of the back!
 The text block is stitched over tapes - ribbons here, plus endpapers of folded card, which will be stuck to the boards.
This is paper again, but it is torn bits overlapped and machine stitched down to a piece of brown paper - recycling envelopes.  The painted bits are brown paper too.  The signatures lined up all have a painted folio on the outside.  No tapes for this one, so the painted folds will be visible under and between the stitched lines joining the signatures. 

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Sarah said...

This is lovely! Makes me what to go and play