Sunday, October 22, 2006

Another visit to the Silk Museum . . .

. . . and a chance this time to take rubbings from some of their historic collection of print blocks. The wooden blocks (see the paisley rubbing) are rather worn, and dried up, and printing with them proved too difficult, so rubbings were the next best thing. I used mainly fabric transfer crayons, which I shall iron on to something suitable when I find it. But I also did rubbings directly on to some cream silk with oilbars (Markal / Shiva paintsticks) and rather like the results. I'll dye or paint the pieces as well eventually . I do like that paisley shape, so elegant.

The Museum is in Macclesfield (Cheshire, UK), and I wrote about the first visit on the StitchingPost blog, (Aug 21st), not this one. The Macc. branch of the Embroiderers' Guild had an exhibition there in the Spring, and this contributed to the development of a further, competitive, exhibition next year. Pieces are to be based on something from the large collection of pattern books, print blocks and design drawings held at the Museum and also at Paradise Mill, where they wove silk with jaquard looms. All part of the town's heritage as a leading centre for the silk spinning and weaving industry.

And a last boat trip for the season while the sunny afternoons keep coming, and some autumn pics along the Macclesfield canal, 15 mins from home.

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