Sunday, October 08, 2006

More colour in the garden . . .

. . . provided by 3 out of our 4 waterbutts, which collect water from pretty well every part of our roof. It's used for watering those perfect tomatoes (a few posts back) and is helping to save the planet. Seriously, if eveyone watered their patio pots etc with saved rainwater all those small amounts would add up to something significant. As with most domestic recycling efforts.

The chicken's not recycled. It was going rusty so I painted it and thought I'd make it look cheerful .

And the greens and reds are still catching the eye - a fallen cooking apple and autumn raspberries.

And some magenta somethings - might be a type of Michaelmas daisy? And the yew tree is at Gawthorpe Hall in Lancashire.

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