Wednesday, October 04, 2006

In our garden . . .

. .there's not just flowers. Remains of the tomato string, and some galvanised binding wire (aren't you glad to know that's what it's called?) in the greenhouse.

And this tree trunk is not in our garden actually but down the Macclesfield canal at a place called Whitely Green. It looks like good inspiration for embroiderers wanting to overdose on texture.

And these are in the Orangery at Lyme Park (remember Pride and Predjudice, BBC version, UK viewers?)

And this is by the lake (not the one Darcy dives into but the one at the back of the house).

But this is in our garden, at least it was, till it got infested with greenfly, and if you enlarge the photo and zoom in you feel like you are in the Honey, I shrunk the kids film!

I'm fascinated by all the patterns and textural contrasts.

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Jenny Walton said...

love the tree trunks!!!