Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Another sewing machine adventure.

My versatile husband has 'saved' my sewing machine again. The long fabric strip I'm using for the TAST samples keeps fraying, the stitches will be starting to fall off the edges soon, so I went to my sewing machine to do some zigzags down the sides in a bid to save it. I found as I turned the wheel something was hitting against something somewhere. Great mystery. Anyway, after much staring, listening and exploring its insides, he found a pin had somehow slipped into it, and was blocking the turning of a bit that sticks out from the drive rod connecting wheel and needle mechanism. However did it get there? There must be a gap somewhere on the top of the machine that it fell through. I shall keep all pins well away from there in future.
You've got to have a picture in a blog entry, haven't you, so here's one from our epic journey south for Christmas which featured in an earlier entry - a shop with an intriguing name in Bradford-on Avon, taken as we drove by, hence a bit fuzzy.

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