Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Joggles - Sumptuous Surfaces

I've decided to take one of Sharon Boggon's courses hosted by Joggles - Sumptuous Surfaces. It is about creating texture with stitches, which interests me particularly. It has a strong design component, which is useful, as although I've done design study relating to patchwork and quilting I've not done any directly relating to embroidery, and I feel the lack of it. So I have an idea - to do with moving and the potential for new developments, and a motif to express it - horse chestnut leaves. ( Sounds a bit unlikely? I'll explain it a bit more another time!). For now, here are some of my design exercises, in paint. There'll be some drawn ones next time.

First, made 2 print blocks, incising polystyrene sheet with a knitting needle, and a stencil from thin strong card, preserving the piece that was cut out.
Then I played around with them on the pages of my A4 size sketchbook. This was good fun but they don't say 'stitch me' to me yet.
Ink wash over the printed pages (acrylic paints btw)

Two postcard size efforts that are beginning to say 'stitch me', but I'm not sure quite how yet.

I've a couple more drawn ideas for the next post.


Julie said...

This looks exciting and tempts me to get busy with my sketchbook and just play and see what happens. Thank you for your comments on my blog. I have a lot to thank you for as it was your blog that actually started me stitching. I had never been attracted by embroidery per se but I came across your blog entry back in April which talked about doodling with thread and I was hooked :o)). Your words were "Don't work it out, just do it." I wrote it in my sketchbook in capital letters and off I went. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Julie said...

These prints look really good and have set me thinking about making my own stamps. They look great in your sketchbook and it is interesting to see the progression of ideas.

Barbara B. said...

Your experiments are very interesting for me. They succeeded to you very well. Wonderfully!