Wednesday, August 01, 2007

TAST catchup

During our move the only stitching I've managed are the TAST samples. Rather sketchily though, and I will come back to do some more sometime. So here are some pix at last - First, the latest - cast-on stitch. This I have to confess, was done at an EG workshop on Friday, and includes drizzle stitch, both single and double-sided. I will put some on my sampler strip, I promise.

Half and half chevron and cretan - interesting combination, but I wasn't sure what to do with it except stash rows together, and it kept slewing itself sideways. Hmm.
Underneath that - bullion. This is going to be useful for texture pieces. Bit of long/short at the side - can't get anywhere with that for now.

Then I tried a complex seam, which didn't work very well. Wheatsheaf I liked with the vertical lines different lengths, and packing it close is fun.

Arrowhead - just can't get it even, so gave up and went for the squashed effect with different threads, and the all over single stitch look. Also, the irregular lengths wobbly row. Suits me better!!

Buttonhole wheel - I love making the little holes in the middle - on the right. And piling up different sizes. Just started some distorted circles on the left.
I do like this sampling of stitches and wish I'd had more time and ideas. Am aware I've barely scratched the surface with many of the stitches, but I know I will be revisiteng them as time goes by.

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