Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kantha, and NEW BLOG link

I've been getting interested in kantha-type stitching again. It is always there in the background, but brought to the surface recently because I gave a stitching friend a small hand in setting up her own blog, 'I'd rather be in India'. Have a look here. She is off to India next week and is going to try and post a visual diary of her trip. Great photo on already of a camel's back end. If you have your doubts about that there's some interesting textile stuff on its back!

Here's yet another postcard, using one type of kantha motif stitching, outlining and filling with lines roughly echoing the outline. Or the filling can be more random. I did whip the running stitch outline to give a bit more definition - not authentic, I think!


Angelcat said...

Your postcard is beautiful!

kay susan said...

I think this is gorgeous! Love the texture.

Mandy said...

Hello there.
Thanks for the link to your friends new Blog. I look forward to seeing her visual diary.

verobirdie said...

Those fishes have something special, maybe their eyes ? beautiful anyway.