Wednesday, January 16, 2008

West Country Embroiderers

Because I had trouble getting to Embroiderers' Guild meetings, and because the WCE has a branch (the Poole one) that meets just up the road, I joined that and have been to 3 meetings now. This week they let me take photos of the day's work to post here. We did 2 different things, which kept us busy. First, a type of crazy patchwork where you start with a block about A4 size then cut it up and re-stitch, then after lunch some shadow appliqué. Beverley Wood, a member of the By Design textile group, was the tutor, and she's let me post pix of the samples she brought for us to see:
I find it really hard to cut things up! My effort needs more stitching, some beads etc. Bits of it look quite good viewed through a window, so I shall have to brace myself and take the scissors to it once more!

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