Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Last TAST of all . . .

. . . the raised chain bar and Spanish feather stitch. I put some normal feather stitch in among the spanish variety for contrast. I like the raised bar very much. Using the same thread for the foundation and the chains gives it a nice sculptural quality (top left) and contrasting threads can be fun, very textural possibilities there.
Have gone back to some earlier stitches to try out some couching and use up a bit more of my strip. The couched bits are offcuts from some Christmas knitting, scarves for daughter and grandchildren. Then couldn't resist a pic of some of the knitting yarn stash - a few more scarves to go there! Best wishes for a good and happy new year to anyone who reads this blog. Thank you to those of you who have said you enjoy looking at it. Apologies if I don't acknowledge your comments as promptly as I should. A bit of a resolution for this year is to try and blog more regularly. But thinking about it on its own is not going to make it happen. I guess that is what goes wrong with most resolutions. Some practical step needs to be implemented! So I'll think about that.

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Linda said...

Hmm, I do like the depth of these stitches, they might even ttempt me into trying them!

As for the resolutions I have a friend who swears that the only way to get things done is to set a routine that becomes a habit - but I don't like routines, I like to surprise myself!!!!