Sunday, November 09, 2008

Feeling lonely. . . .?

. . . and a bit skew-whiff? Nothing in sight but this pair of rubbish bins, the blue one for recycled items and the other for the more fragrant offerings. Whiff is probably right!

We had the use again this year, by the kindness of friends, of a beach hut at Sandbanks on Tuesdays in September. One of them was too wet to go there but the rest were pleasant. Its a shame the council has sited these bins right in the middle of the view from the huts, but they do have a certain charm.
There were some people about, to be honest, para-surfing from the beach, getting into difficulties with the high wind and being rescued by the lifeguards.

And of course, the Barfleur, on its way to France.

One out of three for level horizons!

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