Monday, April 09, 2007

Making braids

As if I hadn't got enough to do just stitching I have to get sidetracked into trying out making plaited braids, kumihimo style, with a bit of card. This one is octagonal, doesn't have to be dead accurate, with a slit in the middle of each side and 7 threads. You knot the threads together, push the knot through the hole, slip each thread into a hole. Hold the card with the gap at the top and start by passing the 3rd thread down across and into the gap. Rotate the card till the new gap is at the top and take the 3rd thread down and pass it across. Continue till all your thread is used up, just keep going round. it doesn't matter whether you are right or left handed, the process is the same, just go in the direction that suits you, the same one all the time for passing the threads and rotating the card. Use knitting yarns, string, anything, and it goes quicker if the thread is thick, or doubled for extra thickness.

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