Sunday, April 15, 2007

message from somewhere new . . .

. . . i.e. our eldest daughter's place, where we have been spending the weekend. This is back to our roots, to the town in Dorset we were born in and spent all our lives, except for university years, until moving to near Manchester 12 years ago. In 2 months we will be moving back here again. We were signing contracts last Friday on the sale of our house and the one we are purchasing here. No idea where this scene is, but it is sunset on our life in Marple!

And off to new horizons in Poole! Which doesn't look like this either.

Really I just wanted to try doing a new post on someone elses's computer. Ours has been so troublesome lately. This one has worked like a dream! Except that the only photos I can find to use are sample ones. Never mind, they illustrate the point quite well.

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