Wednesday, April 18, 2007

TAST oysters

Blogger scared me this morning by coming up 'this page cannot be displayed' every time I asked it to load a picture. Then suddenly it started complying, so I have put ALL my oyster stitch pix up while the mood is good!
Here's a 'seam treatment' idea, and flowers, and single 'filler' stitches, and- great discovery - the long-stalked variety!
I like the way you can pack this stitch together - the cream-green-brown-gold bit.
Bits of the next stitch - palestrina - creeping in at the bottom. That's the thing with my continuous strip, I don't really want gaps. And the long stalks a bit closer.

I like doing small amounts of stitching on small bits of felt, a sort of rival / companion to the main strip.
Why is an oyster stitch so called? Does it look like an oyster? Maybe a bit like part at least of the live thing inside the shell I got interested in the long stalk possibility and began finding things to do with the stalk - couch down with various stitches, wrap loosely, wrap with buttonhole (buttonhole bar) . . .

I did eat an oyster, just the once, when accompanying a school trip to Brittany. We had a tour of an oyster farm which finished with a plateful to pass around. Imagine 30 teenage girls squawking about trying these strange-looking things!


Elizabeth said...

Wonderful work with the oyster stitch! I especially enjoyed seeing the long stems with the various methods of stitching.

annetteb said...

You put a lot of work into your samples. There is so much to look at in them. Thanks for sharing them. Great inspiration. Annette

crazyQstitcher said...

Gee I wish I could see how you did your Oyster stitch Barbara. You seem to have the stitch pegged down at both ends. Mine kept lifting from the bottom as it was Not caught down. Looks like I need to look again at the directions. The work by the way , all of your TAST stitches that is, are terrific.