Tuesday, May 01, 2007

CQG Journal Quilts April

The first 4 A4 size quilts in this challenge are due by 10th May. The co-ordinator wants images sent to her and a bit of writing about why and how they were made. In a bit of a rush, and without as much thought and investigation as might have been given had there been more time, I finished March and April. Here's some 'stages' pix of April's tulips. We had such a great display in the garden this year and I do like tulips very much.
First, a line drawing of a small cluster on paper. I painted splodges of silk paint on dampened calico in roughly the right places.
Then traced the drawing onto light interlining and pinned it to the back with wadding sandwiched between it and the painted fabric.
Stitched the outlines from the back - and I DID have the drawing the right way round! (Think about it!). Then some more stitching on the front.
This is how it ended up on the back. I almost prefer it to the front. Funny how that often happens, the bit you are not trying for turns out better! This then got covered by a backing unfortunately because I didn't manage to work out when the backing should be added and couldn't really leave the interlining as the backing. Next time!
The finished piece right side up. The edging this time is a mixture of lines of straight machine stitches and a pattern stitch. Free machine quilting.


Dy said...

Oh wow, this is wonderful!
And thank you for showing the steps in your process, very interesting.

celeste said...

This is really beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to post step by step photos.

Linda said...

Two posts with pieces on my 'to do' list! I love the loose paint effect underlying the control of the quilting on this piece.